What is Barton Smart?
Identifying a demand for entertainment at Northern Virginia restaurants and breweries, David Barton Harris formed Barton Smart Trivia & Puzzles in 2021.
Why do players love Barton Smart?
Well, it’s not just trivia. Players enjoy being rewarded, not just for what they know, but what they can solve! Detecting patterns and finding connections helps players unlock Barton Smart puzzles, an engaging feature that separates Barton Smart from other trivia.
How does it work?
Teams receive a custom answer sheet at the start of every event. Here they’ll write answers for each of the event’s multiple categories. Your host will score each team between categories and display them on the leaderboard. The winning team basks in pride while everyone else explains how they "would’ve gotten it right" if they "just had a little more time."

If you're looking to bring customers into your establishment, Barton Smart Trivia can work for you. Contact for booking. (310) 748-1719

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